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ABoUT the singles


The Singles were formed in 1999 by founding members Vince Frederick (guitar/vocals), Dave Knepp (drums), Dave Lawson (bass), and Will Yates (lead guitar) during the Detroit garage-rock explosion of the late 90s and early 00s. They made a name for themselves almost immediately in the Detroit club scene, eschewing the fuzz du jour for a more vintage sound reminiscent of early rock pioneers such as Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry and The Everly Brothers as well as the 1960s girl groups of their home town. In 2002 they were courted by the NewYork-based psych-pop label, Rainbow Quartz Records. They then hit the studio with Detroit producer Jim Diamond and released their first full-length album, “Better Than Before,” in 2003. The album received positive press at home and abroad, launching tours in both Europe and Japan.

Returning to the studio, the band stripped down to a 3-piece that featured Brian Thunders on drums and John Hale on bass. They cut their follow-up album “Start Again” in 2006, once again with Diamond at the controls, and self released under the label name “Sound Artifacts Music.” Frederick and Thunders carried on touring and releasing a smattering of singles with a rotating cast of bass players until 2009 when Thunders left and Frederick decided to move the band to Los Angeles.

After reconnecting with fellow Detroit transplant Jenny Pirch to release the singles “Tomorrow I'll Be Blue” and “All That I Wanted Was You,” Vince was introduced to her former bandmate Nicky Veltman (drums) from Motor City garage rockers The Gore Gore Girls. With friends stepping in on bass, they began playing locally and found themselves back in the studio again, this time with producer Rick Parker.

The Singles released “Look How Fast A Heart Can Break” on April 1st, 2014 to critic’s praise in both the US and Europe. Neil Hussy at Shindig Magazine UK, said the album was filled with “perfectly formed pop jewels.” Popmatters said, “The Singles excel in American power pop, all crunchy chords, catchy melodies and killer harmonies.” And USA Today said, “If you need a rock ’n’ roll release… I think I have the perfect song.” referring to lead off single ‘Inamorata’.

The album, and songs from it, have broken into the top 20 on national indie radio charts. Since the release, the band has toured the US extensively, playing 100 shows in the first year alone. Gigs have included Southern California festivals and support for national touring acts Brody Dalle, Bass Drum of Death, Holly Golightly, and The Weeks.

Now with Max Goldman (bass), The Singles jumped back into the studio with Rick Parker and finished their fourth full-length LP entitled “Sweet Tooth.” The album was released on July, 14th 2017.